Calgary Boys' Club

By 1943 Boys Town had outgrown the space in the basement of the Carleton Hotel and the Rotarians purchased the Old Ukrainian Hall on 7th Ave E for their operation. In 1949 they officially turned over the building, assets, and operation of the Rotary Boys Town Club to the newly incorporated Calgary Boys' Club.

Newspaper headlines from 1953 read "Boys' Club Chalks Up Record Activity in '53." Boys' Club boasted a membership of 296 boys, who won over 18 city and provincial sports championships. A record number of members passed swimming exams at the local YMCA which donated space for lessons, and the club enjoyed increased support from parents and the community as a whole. Calgary Boys' Club thrived through the 50s and by 1958 offered an impressive list of opportunities to any boy who wanted to join: calisthenics, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, weightlifting, swimming, badminton, public speaking, homework classes, library access, woodworking, leather-work, copper-work, model airplane construction, ceramics, camping, dance, and gift craft.


1959 Boys' Club camping trip - Courtesy of Jack Way Collection

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