Boys Clubs of Calgary

By the 1960s the city was expanding in all directions and the Calgary Boys' Club had changed its name to Boys Clubs of Calgary to reflect the growth of additional clubs in the emerging communities of Renfrew (1964), Montgomery (1966), Forest Lawn (1967) and Millican-Ogden (1968). In 1969 an outreach program, (Detached Work) was initiated. The Langevin Club (the former Ukrainian Hall and Rotary Boys Town Club) served as the administration center as well as the center for Outdoor Services.

In 1959 Camp Adventure opened its permanent site in Bow Crow Provincial Park. Prior to this, Boys Clubs camp were held on various sites west of the city, utilizing land lent by business leaders, or the Department of Lands and Forests.


Boys' Club Camping - Courtesy of Jack Way Collection

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