Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

During the 1970s the agency saw phenomenal growth due to strong leadership at the Board of Directors and management levels. Increased community and city involvement on the board with representation from multiple organizations who were concerned with youth issues such as the City Police, School Boards, Health and Social Services departments as well as service clubs, resulted in the exploration of 20 new strategies for youth programming. Initiatives such as community engagement (Outreach), wilderness programs (Enviros), group living projects (Bowness and Forest Heights Group Homes), preschool programming, (Renfrew Preschool Program), services for high school drop-outs (Gateways), family and mentoring initiatives (PACT and One+One), employment programs (Stampede Clean Up), and recreation for youth on probation (Encounter) were investigated.

At the club level new programs were started in Renfrew (Renfrew Girls Club), Dover, Victoria Park, Fairview, Greenview, Penbrooke Meadows, and Thorncliffe, as well as interim programs in the communities of Crossroads, Vista and Mayland Heights, Cochrane, High River, Banff and at the Indian Friendship Centre. Over half of the initiatives from the 70s still operate in 2009, with the remainder having a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

Boys Clubs of Calgary moved its administrative offices from the Langevin Center to the Renfrew Club in 1974, and changed its name to Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary in 1975.


Rock Climbing Langevin Club - BGCC Archives

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