A young philanthropist helps other youth

At the young age of 13, Meagan is a shining example of Calgarians who give back to their community. Meaghan

For her 13th birthday Meagan decided she was going to help others. She wanted to hold a fundraiser for the charity of her choice – Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.

“I realize that some kids in Calgary don’t have the same opportunity to play sports and be involved in the things they are interested in,” wrote Meagan in a letter to her school asking permission to hold the fundraiser. “Some people don’t even have a place to sleep or stay for even one night.”

“And that breaks my heart.”

So Meagan decided to do something to help. Inspired by We Day – an event held in Calgary that brings together a generation and inspires them to make the world a better place – Meagan set up a donation box at a volleyball tournament held at her school.

Meagan said she was hoping to raise a minimum of $700 for Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary (BGCC). The support showed overwhelmed her. She raised $1,180.51.

“I surprised myself because I didn’t think I could raise as much as I did,” said a smiling Meagan.

Meagan and her mother Leslie went to BGCC’s administration office to deliver the money and were able to tour some facilities. Meagan her research about what programs she wanted the money to go to and selected BGCC’s Avenue 15 Homeless Youth Shelter and the RADAR Program.

“Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary help the Calgary community by improving the lives of children, youth and their families who are in difficult situations,” says Meagan.

“I believe it is an important cause and it was my birthday wish that other kids are cared for.”