Splash of Red Committee

Splash of Red Committee

Splash of Red

Ruth Beddoe  

Ruth Beddoe has been actively involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary since 1992. When she initially joined the agency as a volunteer she committed most of her efforts to the Food and Nutrition in Schools (FANS) program, and eventually became the Chairperson of the annual “Splash of Red” fundraising event. She continues to commit tremendous efforts to the event, demonstrating passion and spirit to ensure children, youth, and families will benefit from the event. As the mother of two children, she thrives on family time, recognizing the importance and rewards of family togetherness. She enjoys an active lifestyle on the golf course and tennis court, and is a world traveler, exploring different parts of the world with her husband Clive.

Debbie Bonner 

Debbie Bonner joined the “Splash of Red” Committee in 2007. She was formerly employed as a Director at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. Upon finishing her tenure at the BGCC she supervised Community & Health Studies Continuing Education Programming at Mount Royal University. She is now the full time CEO of the Bonner Family and remains committed to the BGCC. Her commitment to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary is demonstrated in the tireless effort she contributes to the BGCC. It is motivated by the first hand experience she has gained recognizing the difference the agency continues to make in the lives of the children, youth and families it serves every day.

Elaine Frame 

Elaine Frame has a long history of volunteering in the community. She started volunteering in schools, working in classrooms and planning special events. For a number of years, she volunteered with a group of ladies who planned a yearly event for Milk for Kids called the Milk Fund. She has also been involved with Highbanks Society, an organization dedicated to helping young single moms find housing and continue their education. Since Elaine's volunteer experience has been centered around helping young children, youth and young adults, Elaine felt it was a great fit and opportunity when she decided to join the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary's "Splash of Red" Committee.

Murlyne Fong

Murlyne Fong has been volunteering in the community for many years for causes that benefit the health and wellness of children, youth and families. She was a Board of Director at the Alex Community Health Centre for 9 years. During that time, she served on the Fund Development and Events Committees. In 2005, Murlyne became a member of the Children's Hospital Aid Society (CHAS) and has been involved in the Children's Hospital Easter party, their annual charity golf tournaments and several fundraisers. It is through CHAS that she learned of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary as CHAS has been a strong supporter of many BGCC programs over the years.

Sandy Gibson 

Sandy Gibson is the founding member of the “Splash of Red” Committee. She began her commitment to the children, youth, and families of Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary in 1984 as a member of the Board of Directors. During her tenure on the Board she became the board secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. She then became a trustee of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Foundation, and continues to serve on the Foundation Board today. Sandy and her husband Terry stepped forward to support the capital campaign that enabled the BGCC to rebuild the clubs. Her respected leadership and tireless efforts are two of the reasons why many of the staff and volunteers at the BGCC consider Sandy their mentor. For her long time commitment to Boys and Girls Clubs, Sandy has been awarded the Keystone Award for Leadership.

Maribeth Janikowski

Maribeth Janikowski has been a long time supporter of Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and worked for several summers as a coordinator of their summer day camp programs. Maribeth is communications specialist with ten years of experience in developing strategic communications. She has worked for a number of organizations including Canetic Resources, the London Stock Exchange, RBC Capital Markets and Enerplus Corporation where she has had experience managing and developing a variety of community investment programs. Maribeth is excited to be back in Calgary and helping with this year’s Splash of Red event.

Sara Shaak 

Sara Shaak has been a "Splash of Red” Committee member since moving to Calgary three years ago, and enjoys volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary. Sara is a media finance specialist and is a partner in Clairwood Capital - an innovative investment fund focused on portfolio investments within the international entertainment/media space. Before moving to Calgary, Sara worked as a film commissioner, communications consultant and economic development manager in British Columbia.

Barb Shaunessy 

Barb Shaunessy has been committed to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and the “Splash of Red” event with several valuable efforts. She is actively involved in every detail of the event planning process to ensure that it generates the fundraising dollars needed to serve the children, youth, and families in the community. Her experience has been developed from coordinating fundraising events at her children's schools, and has been essential to the “Splash of Red” Committee. She and her husband Bob own Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, which continues to be a proud sponsor of the “Splash of Red” event and donates fundamental dollars annually to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Albert and British Columbia. 

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