Boys and Girls Clubs work for positive change in the Calgary community by improving the lives of vulnerable children, youth and families in five areas. From a shelter for homeless youth to vital support programs in the community, our services recognize and respond to the emerging needs of kids and families; particularly those most affected by complex social and economic issues.

Community Clubs & Experiential Learning
Our programs mobilize communities in support of children and youth through child, youth and family-focused programs, community space and diverse support systems, volunteer and mentorship opportunities, enhanced arts, sports and recreation activities.

Education and Employment
By providing a wide variety of programs, activities and creative supports, our innovative programs increase opportunities for children and youth to engage and succeed in educational and vocational settings. We achieve this by offering skill development programs, academic, vocational, and therapeutic supports, leadership opportunities, cultural awareness and self-expression activities.

Community-Based Care & Supports 
We provide programs that support families with their children including crisis support, education, in-home support, system and resource navigation, as well as life and living skills development. For young people who cannot live at home, we offer community-based residential care alternatives with support from Calgary and Area Children's Services.

Youth Housing & Shelter
With the goal of helping homeless youth gain the skills to return to their families or to live independently in the community, our programs offer a comprehensive support system to help youth permanently end their experience of homelessness. We work to prevent youth homelessness through specific initiatives in support of vulnerable young people and their families. 

Indigenous Initiatives
We have a long history of working closely with the Indigenous community in providing specific and culturally appropriate programming for First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) children, youth, families and the broader community. Our Indigenous programs provide hands-on cultural experiences, elder involvement, health and wellness activities, traditional arts programs and youth mentorship.

Our programs and services help kids and youth by putting the world in their hands...
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