Group Homes

Group Homes

Group Homes

Our three Group Homes provide a stable community residence for youth aged 13-17 who, for various reasons, cannot live with their family.

All three programs are located within the city of Calgary and house six youth each. Two of our Group Homes house both males and females and we have one all-girls group home.

How Do Youth Access the Program?

Youth must have status through an Intervention Services ( ) Caseworker. The Caseworker can profile suitable youth through the Placement Services Office for referral to a Group Home. Youth may be profiled for Group Care if they are not able to reside in a Foster Care placement or if they are looking for stable place to live after staying in a youth shelter

What do we provide?

  • A safe and supportive place to live with nutritious food and opportunities for participation in recreational activities
  • A place to build positive relationships
  • Support to enhance family situations and reintegrate with families when appropriate
  • Opportunities to gain life and living skills

We become a member of the youths team along with the caseworker, family (where possible), school, community, other BGCC programs and professionals to help youth navigate through adolescence into self-sufficient adulthood.

For more information about our Group Homes please call the Manager of Group Homes at 403-457-3871

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