Bowness 20/20 Youth Edition

Bowness 20/20 Youth Edition

Bowness 20/20 Youth Edition 

In late 2014, a number of community service and support organizations helped design and implement a survey for youth in Bowness. In order to gain a better understanding of how youth are feeling about their neighbourhood and what they would like to see change, 313 youth in the Bowness area were surveyed. Of these youth, 41% live in Bowness, 55% live in surrounding communities and 4% didn’t identify. These 313 youth provided a better than average sample size, so the survey stats are a very good measure of how youth feel.

Later, in early 2015, two focus groups made up of local youth were conducted to shed further light on the survey findings. The objectives of the focus groups were to confirm findings from the survey, further understand youth needs in Bowness and explore the concept of an ideal youth space. The feedback provided built a compelling case for the need for spaces and activities for youth in Bowness; the participants’ vivid and hopeful vision for the “ideal youth space” showed what a vital role a youth space could have in the community.

This special three-page report highlights some of the information worth noting from both the survey, as well as the focus groups. We could only fit so much into this three-page report, so we have made both reports available in their entirety for you to download:

Bowness Youth Survey 2015 

Bowness Youth Study Focus Groups 2015 

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