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Our Pineridge Club offers a welcoming place for kids to come after school, make friends, have fun, do homework and participate in activities that encourage healthy living, personal growth, learning, and community involvement. 

We build self-esteem through supportive adult mentors and engaging activities that challenge and enrich the mind, body and spirit of each child.

Our Pineridge Club is at the heart of the Pineridge community. Various program activities respond to the unique needs of our children, youth and families.

Fall 2016 

Fall Block 1 runs from Sept. 6 - Oct. 14, 2016. 

Fall 2016 Block 1 Schedule - Pineridge Club

Fall Block 2 runs from Oct. 25 - Dec. 16, 2016

Fall 2016 Block 2 Schedule - Pineridge Club

Winter 2017 

Winter 2017 Schedule runs Jan. 9 - March 17, 2017. 

Winter 2017 Schedule - Pineridge Club

See the program calendar below for the block schedule, program closures and more!

2016-2017 Pineridge Club Program Calendar 

For more information, contact our Club.

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