Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps

Summer 2016 Day Camps 

Summer Day Camps are held weekly throughout July and August at our Community Clubs. 


Week 1: July 4-8

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West is a week where we will be celebrating everything Western along with the rest of Calgary during Stampede! Come dressed up as a cow girl or cow boy if you would like!

Week 2: July 11-15   

Olympic Pump Up 

Olympic Pump Up is a week where kids will be able to learn all about the tradition of the Olympic games in order to prepare for Summer Olympics 2016! Children will be participating in many Olympic-styled activities and team challenges throughout the week. Kids in this week may also have the chance to participate in the City-wide JumpStart day!

Week 3: July 18-22

A-MAZE-ING Alberta

A-MAZE-ING Alberta will have day camp participants explore and learn about our great province through activities that are engaging and fun!

Week 4: July 25-29

Everyday Heroes 

Everyday Heroes Week is a week where kids will have opportunities to learn all about the Everyday Heroes that help keep our Cities and our World safe and operating efficiently. Children will have an opportunity to learn about different careers and to explore what it really means to be a Hero.

Week 5: Aug 2-5* 

Club-Specific Camps 

Club-Specific Camps are unique camps offered at each Club location. Get in touch with your local Club for more information on what they’re offering, as well as the other camps being offered around the City.

Week 6: Aug. 8-12 

BOOM! Science!

BOOM!Science! is a week where kids will be learning all about the fun world of science! From science experiments at the Club to learning all about how things work, this week will get your child’s brain turning and hands learning!

Week 7: Aug. 15-19 

Day Camps Got Talent!

Day Camps Got Talent is a week where we will be exploring all different forms of the arts – music, performance, dance, and visual art! Kids will all have an opportunity to explore these different mediums and then showcase their talent in whatever form it takes!

*Please note that Week 5 is a four-day session due to the Statutory Holiday.

2016 Summer Day Camp Schedule and Cost 

2016 Summer Day Camp Theme Descriptions


$155 per child, per week

*125 per child, for Week 5 

2016 Subsidy Application Form 

Further subsidies are available, just ask us!

Pre/Post Care 

Pre Care: $10 per child, per week

Post Care: $10 per child, per week 

How to Register:

Please fill out our Summer Day Camps Registration Form

Registration Forms can be dropped off (or blank ones picked up) with a staff member at your Community Club starting on April 1, 2016.

There is limited space available so register soon! 

Cancellation Policy

BGCC’s cancellation policy is to withhold an administration fee of $25 regardless of the reason for the cancellation. If cancellation occurs more than 14 days before the program start date, a full refund MINUS the $25 administration fee will be provided. If cancellation occurs within 14 days of the program start date, NO refund will be issued unless the cancellation is due to an illness and a doctor’s note is provided. Membership fees are non-refundable.

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