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Through support from our funder, Canadian Oil Sands, Math Minds at Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary is strengthening numeracy skills among children from grade one to six, through JUMP Math tutoring within our Clubs. The goal of the program is to support every child in the Math Minds program to enjoy math and excel at it by boosting confidence through success. 

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JUMP Math is a Canadian registered charity, working to create a more numerate society. JUMP Math's mission is to enhance the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math. It is the creation of Dr. John Mighton, a Canadian mathematician and playwright, who has been called “the nation’s Math conscience”.

JUMP Math believes that all children can be led to think mathematically, and that, with even a modest amount of attention, every child will flourish. By demonstrating that even children who are failing math or who are labeled as slow learners can excel at math, JUMP hopes to dispel the myth that Math is just too hard for many to learn.

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The JUMP Math tutoring materials are provided only to other non-profit organizations and is therefore a wonderful fit with Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary as it shares the goal of supporting children to be the best they can be through inclusion, opportunity, respect and belonging. JUMP has been available at our Community Clubs for the past 3 years.

In our Community Clubs, staff use JUMP Math philosophy and materials to integrate a variety of games, activities, extensions and enriched units, which students use to explore, practice, apply and extend mathematical skills and concepts. Each child is encouraged to understand key Math concepts and to close gaps in their understanding. More importantly, they are led to see themselves as competent, confident mathematicians and gain enthusiasm for the subject. Math can be fun!

How is JUMP Math accessed?

  • JUMP Math is categorized as a registered program in Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, therefore children need to be ‘signed up’ during registration periods.
  • Each Club in the city makes a decision about which JUMP Math levels to offer in each block (term), based on perceived interest and need in the community. The levels of JUMP Math materials are Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6 and Grades 7&8.
  • Some Clubs offer JUMP Math as an after-school program, while others offer evening or Saturday sessions.
  • Some of our clubs run the JUMP Math program with 2 levels combined or with 2 levels offered separately on different days.
  • A maximum number of registrations is identified by each Club, based on the available adult-to-child ratio.

For more info, visit the JUMP Math website or contact:
Benn Goddard, JUMP Math Manager
Outreach and Teacher Support

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