Piitoayis Family and Community Liaison

Piitoayis Family and Community Liaison

The Piitoayis Family and Community Liaison is a partnership initiative designed to support students and families with by connecting them to a variety of resources and experiences, and eliminating barriers, thereby enhancing the educational success of children attending Piitoayis Family School. 

Launching in February 2012, the School and Community Liaison was developed to support children and their caregivers to:

  • Access activities and supports both in the school and community
  • Create opportunities for children to be involved in cultural programming and ceremonies
  • School access to opportunities in the community (through access and transportation fees) that will increase the learning outcomes for the children
  • Referrals to organizations and community services that assist parents/caregivers

Through this program we hope to continue to encourage and promote family and parent/guardian integration into their child’s education. This program is in partnership with Calgary Board of Education, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary and Area and the Calgary Foundation. 

For more info about the Piitoayis Family and Community Liaison: 

Tim Fox, Manager of Indigenous Initiatives

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