403-828-HOPE (4673)

403-828-HOPE (4673)

403-828-HOPE is a centralized referral service for youth needing housing and basic needs support. 

828-HOPE provides youth with timely support to end their time on the streets. including:

  • Information about and referral to youth housing programs in Calgary
  • Assistance in applying for supports related to housing (e.g., Red Cross Emergency Fund, rent assistance)
  • Support to avoid eviction
  • Emergency needs resources (i.e., housing, food, clothing, hygiene supplies)
  • Link to immediate support and connection to the Script team for young people at risk of homelessness
  • Link to a Script worker if ongoing support or case management is needed
  • Link to family workers who provide case management to vulnerable young people and natural supports navigating them away from homelessness or involvement with the justice system
  • Support to prevent future incidences of homelessness and the issues related to homelessness (criminal activity, fines, poor health) that impact front-line policing 
  • Support to c omplete the SPDAT process for accessing housing support

828-HOPE also provides the youth-serving agencies in Calgary with a one-stop number to call for immediate support and referrals.

Need help or would like to make a referral? 

Call or text 403-828-HOPE(4673), or email hope@bgcc.ab.ca 

Funded by: 

Calgary Homeless Fd Rgb

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Need help?
Call or text 403-828-HOPE(4673)

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