What is Script? 

Script is a youth-centered program that engages and supports youth in their stories as they journey towards adulthood and healthy, positive futures. Script is a metaphor for the program and for life: we all have our own stories that we live out with our lives. Script respects each youth story and believes that our scripts can be changed at any point to move us towards a hope-filled story. Our overall mission is to empower youth to discover their strengths, build their own healthy communities of support, and connect them to resources and activities that are life affirming. Both our philosophy and our program are built around four key areas: choice, strengths, community and connection.

What does Script do? 

Script is designed to meet youth where they are at in their lives, whether that is basic needs support such as housing, food, and health, or other areas such as schooling, employment, community, arts, recreation and culture. The Script team will work with and support youth in developing goals in key life areas that are important to them. Our team works with youth on a one-to-one basis. We also offer activities and programs for groups of youth in the community.

Who is Script for? 

Script is designed to support youth who are experiencing issues of homelessness or involved with street life, ages 12 - 24.

How do you access Script? 

Youth can access Script, Monday to Friday, by calling or texting 403-828-HOPE(4673).

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