The Infinity Project

The Infinity Project

The Infinity Project 

As with all of Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary’s Youth Housing and Shelter services, our ultimate goal is to have this experience be the youth’s last experience with homelessness. The Infinity Project’s specific goal is to provide youth, ages 16 to 24, with a permanent home and the supports they need to maintain it.

Youth are given the freedom to live as they choose in the home and community of their choice. Through the Infinity project, youth are freed from the chaos of street life, begin to see their potential and realize that their lives are filled with endless opportunities.

The Infinity Project provides youth with a safe, permanent home and support to develop living skills that promote self-sufficiency, ultimately helping youth to end their cycle of homelessness.

Who can access the Infinity Project? 

  • Female and male youth, ages 16- 24
  • Youth who are experiencing homelessness
  • Youth who are wanting to pursue self-sufficiency

Why access the Infinity Project? 

  • Have a permanent and supportive place to live
  • Gain stability and skills to live on your own
  • Begin to work on your goals
  • Build positive relationships

How can you access the program? 

Referrals to the Infinity Program can be made through Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary’s Referral and Assessment line by calling or texting 403-828-HOPE (4673) or by emailing Youth will need to complete an assessment with the Referral and Assessment Worker with Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary or at the SORCe in downtown Calgary. 

The Infinity Project has become a popular case study across Canada. Read about it in the Homeless Hub's Housing First in Canada ebook.

Did you know? The Infinity Project was recently featured on CBC's Calgary Eyeopener. Check it out! 

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